Our Fall Exotic Specials starts September,07, 2021

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A Taste of Asia , New Jersey's first Malaysian restaurant, bringing the eclectic cuisines of Malay, China, India, Thailand and Eurasia to the grateful populace of Montclair. Newcomers to this fragrant culinary technique will find it to be an awakening for the taste buds, yielding complex flavors through the combination of rhizomes (galangal, fresh turmeric) and fresh seasonings (Kaffir lime leaf, tamarind, garlic, lemon grass, chilies, shallots and onions).

"We established A Taste of Asia in Montclair, NJ when we started the cuisine in the State of New Jersey. The year was 1995 which we were written up in several major publications such as The New York Times, The Star Ledger, Zagat Survey and many more. We branched out to Chatham in the year 2000 and running both the restaurants was quite exhausting. By the end of 2003, we closed the Montclair store when the lease expired and kept the larger location in Chatham. We cater to dietary preference customers which we support them by having several different category in menus, such as Vegetarian Menu, Gluten & Wheat Free Menu & Real Authentic Spicy Menu."

"We offer "Exotic Specials Menu" to each season to introduce newer dishes when we serve the seasonal vegetables available. We are known to serve Soft Shell Crab with 5 different choice of preparation, during the season and our Summer Menu featuring Summer Rolls which everybody craves. No doubt, our Specials is limited to the season, customers hate to see it end but cannot wait to see what is in our new Specials feature. We like to keep things interesting throughout the year. As the festivity goes, we serve a 5 courses, 9 items, a complete Dinner Menu during the Chinese New Year festive season. We have been serving our customers from Montclair to Chatham for 18 years and we would like to continue for many more years to come."

We now offer DELIVERY SERVICE to Chatham, Madison, Summit, Florham Park and Short Hills with a 4 miles radius limit.

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If you have any food allergies or dietary preference,

please inform us because not all ingredients are listed in the description

Chef Steven Chia is offering a new service, as a restaurant consultant. Further details will follow.

For limited time only, we have the hottest pepper in world "Carolina Reapers" to infuse into your favorite dishes.

Try it out.



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